Math Biology Journal Club Fall 2010

Date Presenter Trivia M Topic
27th Sep. Join Meeting Juan Ch.
4th Oct. All the group Diana W. Pictures Session (How was your summer!!)
18th Oct. Anastasia L. Harun K.


25th Oct. Prof. Alan Hastings  Gerda de V. Stochastic population dynamics:The Role of different kinds of stochasticity in time and space
1st. Nov. Prof. Kevin Painter
Heriot Watt University
Thomas H. Modeling of cell movement
8th Nov. Petro Babak  Kevin P. Uncertainty and forest fire propagation XXXXX
15th Nov. Jonathan M. Juan CH. Traveling waves in a stochastic model for wild land fire spread with non-local dispersal, with an introduction to traveling waves in math biology
22th Nov. Harun K. Jiafen G. Single Particle Tracking; The Analysis of Trajectories
30th Nov. Jane C. Rita W. Angiogenesis vs Vasculogenesis

Note: All the seminars are at CMB from 13:30-15:00 
Math Biology Journal Club Summer 2010
Date PresenterTriviaTopicPresentation
28th JuneJuan C.
Hallmarks of Cancerchimal1.ppt
5th July 
Rita Wong and Janet CooperColor MetastasisJane C. Rita W..pdf
12th July Jaime AsherRita W.Some consecuences of parasite exchange between farms and migratory wild host
19th JulyMairon Dos SantosJiafen G.Radiation treatmentJuly-19-2010-presentation.pdf
Jonathan M. and Alison M.H.I. FreedmanGeometric models for tumors
9th AugustJiafen G.Jane CooperRadiaton DamageHow Does Radiation Make Damage To Cells.ppt
16th AugustDiana W. Alison C.Microtubules
23th August

Forest Fires

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Organizer: Juan C: Chimal Eguia